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30's Pineapple Log Cabin

Darlene Epp

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Heidi, I don't have the software to do the conversions for embroidery format, but Jessica Schick can do them. I have this pattern on her website, and if you contact her, I'm sure she'd do the embroidery formats for you.


Dory, I think my 4 granddaughters will be fighting over it. Not to worry, I have 9 more 30's tops to quilt, and more in the making. I LOVE these fabrics! Never get bored with them like I do with most others. Batiks are my second favorite.

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Hi Darlene:

Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful 30's quilt with us all. I have so admired your work for years and years now, in fact, coming up this March will be 8 years ago I attended your 3 day class in that horrible ice storm.

Anyway, Darlene it's always such a pleasure to see your "eye candy".....it's simply stunning.....:cool:

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Beautiful Darlene! I LOVE your Romance Block # 1 design. The fabrics are cheerful, the piecing and placement of designs is precise, and the digitizing is expert. Your steady devotion to SID to stabilize and set off the blocks really makes a difference too. It’s always a great joy to see your work. You are an inspiration to all quilters. Thank you for sharing.

Warm Regards,

Suzanne Moreno, Designer, Digitizing Instructor



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Wow! Thank you so much everyone!

Suzanne is the "master" that taught me to digitize, so I thank her everytime I start to work on another pattern. :)

Rona, in the first picture, the quilt isn't yet attached to the zippers. I always sew the backing & top to the zippers with my machine's longest stitch. Pins within 3 feet of me manage to find a way to poke me, so I avoid them whenever possible! :o

For those of you "on the fence", jump off! I quilted a huge king size quilt yesterday and while it stitched, I made lunch, played with 4 year old Kiana, sewed blocks together for another quilt, did some laundry, answered e-mails, made and answered numerous phone calls, and sewed zippers to another quilt top and backing so it was ready to go on the machine when the other one came off.

I set my timer for about 3 minutes less than CQ says it will take to stitch the row. I got a lot done during the 23 minute rows yesterday. The next one is ready to go on the machine and then Kiana "needs" to play again. :D

I only leave the machine if I'm working on a quilt without "Issues". If there's some extra fullness on top, or very heavy seam intersections, I stay right at the machine and "manipulate" the fabric as the machine stitches those areas. I may sit at the machine and hand stitch some binding, or play with other patterns in my laptop, where I have the demo CQ loaded. I love that I can have the program installed on more than one computer and it's not unavailable when the machine is stitching.

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