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30's Pineapple Log Cabin

Darlene Epp

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One thing computerised systems can do very well is show up bad piecing - of course, your piecing is perfect in every block, and the beautiful design fits perfectly. I don't know which side I like best they are both beautiful.

This must be one of your digitised designs Darlene, but which one??

Sue in Australia

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I just had a nice long reply ready to post and it disappeared before I hit the Enter button! :mad: Will try again in shortened form!

Thanks gals! I gave information on the block & border design with the first picture. It's Romance Block #1. I enlarged it from 6" to 8.75" and left the speed at 1.50 inches per second. Stitch length was set at 11 on the Millie. I used Aurifil Cotton Mako 40 weight on the front, in a soft butter yellow and Bottom Line pre-wounds in the bobbin.


Yes, good piecing AND pressing helps a lot, but no matter what method you use for block inserts, unless freehand, you still have to account for bad piecing. A printed pattern or a stencil would still have to be centered. My blocks are 9" square, and I adjusted the pattern to 8.75". If the piecing was off, I simply would have left more than 1/8" around the outside of the block, just like I'd do with any other method.

With CQ I can also use the Outline feature to draw the shape of the pieced block and than "stretch" the design to fit. There is no noticeable difference in the look of the design once quilted.

I used a ruler for SID work and the Millie channel locks for the beadboard border. That went very quickly. The blocks, start to finish took almost 4 1/2 hours, including burying the threads (no backtacking!), and I spent about 2 hours on the SID and another 2 hours on the border. If I was doing this for a customer, I'd have made good wages for the day!

And that's the short version! :cool:

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