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freedom sr


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i took the plunge and bought a freedom sr. it was delivered last week and i have been staring at the boxes and watching the dvd over and over. i believe that dawn cavanaugh and i are best friends at this point. on saturday, gretchen is coming to assemble it for me. only 1 more day to wait. i am about to burst with anticipation! i have muslin and batting to practice on, wd40 and rubbing alcohol to clean her, & my husband is going out of town with my son to a soccer tournament. am i missing anything?

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Hi Meg.


You will also need canned air (or some type of mini compressor) to blow out the bobbin area when cleaning it out. You'll get oil with it. A small brush to clean out that area is helpful as well.

You'll need lots of sleep, comfortable shoes and easy meals...you'll be practicing for a long time. Have fun & be patient!!


APQS Liberty

Circle Lord


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I have actually aged pretty well since that DVD was made--at least from the neck up! :) My hairstyle is much more flattering these days, however. I want you to know that I'm also here for you in "real time" any time you have a question or problem. APQS is all about service and education!

Be sure to print out (or at least read) the remaining 150 pages of the manual located on a computer CD you should have received with your machine. It includes valuable info on threads, tension, loading by way of pinning (ala DVD) or floating, and even a dozen or so beginner exercises to help you with the buttons.

Review the appendixes too, as they contain all the maintenance info like cleaning and oiling.

Congrats on your new Freedom!

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you will need:

music to dance by

a good friend to call and say "Guess what I just did?" Woo Woo!!

long nose tweezers

self-threading needles

a 12" ruler

a 'utility' ruler - one of those that extend and stay, carpenter's ruler

lots of muslin

pretty thread

more bobbins than you think you'll ever need

small screwdriver

small phillips head screwdriver

and don't rush hubby out the door too fast; sometimes tis good to have extra hands to help out!

have fun! Dance and quilt; glide glide swoop ... glide glide swoop ... and twirl and pose ... bow. Thank you.

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thanks for all of your encouraging words. i have put the screwdrivers on my shopping list. i had everything else on hand (chocolate and wine included) for use with my bernina. i can't believe i will be sewing on my new machine tomorrow. good thing cause i just don't think i can wait any longer.

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