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Hallo sagen


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Hallo miteinander,

gerade habe ich mich hier im Forum angemeldet. Mein Name ist Claudia, ich wohne in der Nähe von Münster und bin seit heute stolze Besitzerin einer Millenium: heute Vormittag ist sie angekommen – nun laufe ich schon den ganzen Tag mit einem breiten Lächeln durch die Gegend!!!

Noch stehen die sieben Pakete in meiner kleinen Werkstatt und warten darauf, dass SIE aufgebaut wird. Doch das wird wohl erst am Sonntag sein – dann ist ja auch Muttertag (und die Familie kann lieb sein und fleissig helfen ;-).

Nun werde ich in den nächsten Wochen ganz viel zu tun haben, denn Milli und ich müssen uns erst mal richtig kennen lernen.

Bald ist ja auch Open House bei Claudia in Krefeld. Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf!

Auf eine spannende Zeit!

Liebe Grüße


Hello everybody,

I also want to say hello in English;) My name is Claudia.

I live near Münster in Northern Germany.

Today is my millennium arrived - I am so happy and smile all day

On Sunday, we want to build the machine - and then I'm going to spend much time with her.

I look forward to an exciting time!!!!


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Welcome Claudia! I have never been to Germany, I have no German name....but I love the accent...and the pictures I have seen of the country. Some day I will visit. But mostly I want to say congratulations on your new machine. You are going to have a lot of fun. We love pictures so please post.

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Hello, Claudia!

My cousin lives in Au in the Haulertau, not really sure if I spelt it correctly. I loved Germany, the cruise on the Rhine, walking in the Danube, East Berlin, Neuschwanstein, etc. It's great to have relatives who can chaperone you.

You'll love using the machine. Don't forget to post pictures of your work! We love seeing them.

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Welcome and congratulations on your new machine! You will have so much fun. I am at least 75% German. My mother came over to this country from a small town outside of Hamburg when she was 11 and my father is 50% German. I lived in Hessental, about an hour from Frankfurt, when I was a teenager and when I also spent the first 3 1/2 years of my life in Baumholder. German was my first language but I can't really speak it well anymore. I can understand more than I can speak. Again welcome!

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Enjoy, enjoy!!

Germany is beautiful - very lush and so much to see - yes I have been there and all my ancestors on my father's side are from Germany - the family name is Rothschild - yes related to all the bankers, but they don't recognized our group of the family even though we have all the paper work........ there are some funny stories on that one - oh well, I bet we hare happier than they are.............

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Hallo Claudia,

Herzlich willkommen!! :):)

I'm always happy when there are new members from Germany. I wish you very much fun with your Millennium and you will know her very well in a short time. :)

I think, I live not far away from you. I'm in Osnabrück, that's just an hour from Münster.

Wish you a good time and good luck for the installation of your Millie.

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