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holy smokes


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Just the other day I was in the garage quilting when I decided to go outside in back and take a little nap on the hammock. It wasn't too hot out and not cold either, just a fine day to take a snooze outside. I lay there just hanging out with my dog listening to the sounds of the day. There was a light breeze and I could hear an airplane flying by overhead. I could also hear the nearby river and an occasional traveling truck driving by a half mile away. About a 20 minutes into the my daydream the orbital sprinklers came on and nearly scared the crap out of me and dumped on the ground drenching me with water. The dog just layed there looking at me. With a snicker and a wipe of my backhand across my mouth, I got up and stomped my feet. Anyways, I layed back down on the hammock and let the water just hit me. It was warm and it couldn't hurt anyway. Once the water stopped I started to dry and slowly fell asleep. I woke up about 1 1/2 hour later alarmed and confused. I looked for the dog out of the corner of my eye and nearly fainted. It wasn't my dog I was looking at, but a skunk. I froze and so did it. To be continued..................................................

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