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So I discovered today that putting a quilt top on my table to work on later might not be the best idea. Right now I'm still learning quilting and just working on my own projects so not a huge deal. If I ever start doing customers quilts I will probably need to make my sewing room a cat free zone.


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Cats are nearly deadly to my friend in Mt.   She can tell when a cat is in the room as she starts to have  bad breathing problems, and needs immediate fresh air.

Her reaction is the same if a cat lover hugs her or is standing lose by.

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We have three cats and they all do that. I put solid surfaces over the loaded quilt and they just go under them to sit on the quilt. I also put extra batting under the surfaces hoping that would keep them out, but they still managed to lay on the quilt hammock.


I never thought about unlocking the roller. I will have to try that.

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I have cats and have it on my contract that I do. Although they rarely or never get on quilts on the machine. I've only had one client see that and take their quilt elsewhere. I'd rather lose a client than cause an allergic crisis. I have allergies, so I understand. 

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