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    Quilta93 reacted to Kwiltr in Moroccan Vibe-ish   
    Thanks Connie!  I agree, before the quilting, the top was rather uninspiring.  The whole project was intended to be a learning tool. I wanted to try a curved piecing pattern from SKOW and practice my quilting, trying new motifs, so needed lots of negative space .  I wanted to try a double batted quilt and wanted another quilt for our bed.  I used a discounted FQ bundle and a few scraps and background I had on hand to keep the cost down.  I often feel let down when I finish piecing a top, they always look so flat. But I've come to the belief the quilting really does breathe life into a quilt and it worked on this one too! 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Kwiltr in Moroccan Vibe-ish   
    Oh my. You did an awesome job!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from LibbyG in String of Pearls   
    Absolutely beautiful!!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Finished this one a few days ago...   
    Such a beautiful quilt and your quilting is awesome!! Hope your friend is doing well and home soon. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from qltnbe in Finished customer quilt finally.   
    Your quilting is beautiful!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from quiltmonkey in This is what it's all about.......   
    Wonderful story. Beautiful job on the quilt. Thanks for sharing. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Kwiltr in Christmas Quilting   
    Very pretty and your quilting is beautiful. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to quiltmonkey in Squaring Up Wonky Quilt   
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Amy676 in Coming back!   
    Sending prayers your way. 
    Thanks for sharing your quilts. Love the lion. Never thought about just doing straight line quilting. I like it and will try it. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Kwiltr in Christmas Lonestar   
    Beautiful quilt and your quilting is wonderful! Congratulations on getting your Lucey.
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    Quilta93 reacted to RunningThreads in Vicky   
    Glad you got it figured out. Make blowing out the carbon dust and checking the brush length a regular maintenance item.  I believe the brushes are half inch long when new and replace when they get to three eights.  Check about every six months should be sufficient.
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    Quilta93 reacted to Gator in Newbie Questions   
    I'm right handed so left to right in the front feels natural.  You can go either way.  I have a computer on my machine and it quilts in both directions with no problems not even thread breakage.  I think what sewingpup has hit the nail on the head, moving the machine smoothly in both directions should work fine.  If you thread breaks going right to left, slow down a tad to reduce needle flex.  I use a neutral thread on quilts with a lot of colors (unless it's super custom), usually gray, linen or mossy green.
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from tootsquilts in Quilts for Grandson and one for 8 year old neighbor for Christmas   
    Wonderful quilts and beautiful quilting. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to stitchin cricket in HELP!! Desparate for Superior Thread Color   
    Thanks ladies!! Sharon, I called Sheridan and ordered the color I needed and several others today. If I had the time today, I would have traveled the hour and a half it takes me to get to her and picked it up today. I should be able to finish the customers quilt Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I know I will make sure going forward that when a cone gets down to the half way mark, I'll be ordering another one, particularly one that I use a lot. It's so frustrating when you're on a roll only to be stopped because you run out of thread, a real bummer. Thanks again ladies, I appreciate your responses.
    Happy Quilting,
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from InesR in Tablerunners   
    Great job!  I need to practice ribbon candy more. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from dbams in Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!   
    Thank you for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes. This is truly a great group. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to Gator in Do you quilt with glasses while quilting, my needle shattered   
    All good comments.   I was just glad that I had my reading glasses on.  I'm sure it was probably needle flex.  I was doing a quilt with hexagons, lots of "y" seams, batting and minkee.  IQ stopped for an obstruction which was probably the needle flexing/bending holding onto the fabric.  I first thought it may have hit the bobbin thread cutter which sometimes sticks on me, but I would have noticed it by sound.  I am aware that it sticks sometimes,  heck it's 8 years old, in my hast to check a problem with my IQ tablet, I didn't check it too.    I have 3 domestic machines, 2 10-needle embroidery machines and a serger, in other words lots and lots of needles with breaks over the years.  I think most only broke into two pieces, this was the first one that shattered.  I am so proud of my girl (Millie), she was born in 2008 and is running smooth, that needle breaking had to hurt.  APQS quality is superb.   I don't want to scare anyone, because needle breaks are  part of our world, just be careful.  For our "newbies" yep us "oldies" still gets the stuffing scared out of us when it happens because it totally catches you off guard and sounds a lot worse then it is.
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    Quilta93 reacted to qltnbe in Channel Locks and Basting   
    I stitch my edges down say about 1/8 of from the edge (very close) just to prevent the foot from grabbing it when stitching and not looking.  I use my channel locks to stitch a straight row at the top of my quilt, line my quilt top along that straight stitch and it gives me a good starting point.  Yes, you can use the vertical channel locks to make sure your quilt is staying square, but the pointi of stitching the edges is primarily to prevent your foot from getting under the quilt and ripping your quilt.  
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    Quilta93 reacted to Sharon Deming in Cutting Strips for piecing/binding   
    I have never used the Stripology Ruler, but I DO fold my fabric twice to cut strips. The ruler has less of a chance to shift, so the results are more accurate for me.
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    Quilta93 reacted to Kwiltr in New* True 1/4 Foot   
    When I had my HQ Sweet 16, I had several different feet for it and found I really only used the ruler foot, as to switch feet was impractical as I always use my ruler in pretty much every quilt I quilt at some point.  
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    Quilta93 reacted to lisae in New* True 1/4 Foot   
    I bought it and it works great. I tend to do a lot of ruler work. Before purchasing this foot, I would always need to compensate and plan how to do ruler work in order to be accurate. Even so, sometimes the lines would not be accurate. 
    I have to say I bought the interchangeable set when it came out, thinking the ruler foot included in the set was a true 1/4" foot. It is not.  Now I rarely use any of those feet. If I had to choose, I would definitely get the 1/4" foot. You may need to raise the hopping foot a tiny bit to accommodate the new foot.
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from AnnP in Happy Thanksgiving!   
    Thank you, and ditto what you have said. What a cute quilt for this time of year. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Kwiltr in New* True 1/4 Foot   
    I also have been considering purchasing  the foot. I purchased my Millie a year ago August and didn't realize the hopping foot was not a true 1/4" foot. Guess I'll get it for Christmas. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from dbams in Tips For New Long Arm Owner?   
    I agree with an extended base. I use the Towa gauge every time I change my bobbin. I have red snappers to attach my quilt to the canvases so I don't have to use pins. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from qltnbe in Gathering Baskets   
    Your quilt is beautiful and you did a wonderful job quilting it. Love the large flower. 
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