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Did you name your Machine?


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I bought my machine from my former boss. She closed up her shop and

moved to another state. Kathy taught me how to long arm and I learned

what I know on this machine. I am so Thankful for her taking a chance

on me - we had so much fun at that store! I miss her dearly and being

on this site and reading others stories and problems really helps!

She named the machine MEL as in Mel Gibson, and I won't go into the

rest of that story right now.

I have kept the name Mel, it fits and it reminds me of Kathy H. - best

employer I have ever had and a great friend too!

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My Millie is named Betty. Since my last name is Crocker, my standard answer to the question, "How do you spell that?" which I get from an amazing number of people is, "Just like Betty." Women look at me and nod and then write down the correct spelling. Men look at me and go, "Huh?"


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I struggled with the name for my machine for a while, even asked my friends for thier thoughts (other than they thought i was nuts!) But last week my youngest son Cole gave me an Elliot Moose sticker to put on my machine and it clicked. My son has had his Elliot since the day he was born 4 1/2 years ago and it is his most favorite and prized possesions. now I'm not neccesarily saying my millenium is all of that to me BUT, I wanted to give it a name that would make me smile even when I didn't feel much like smiling. So I named her Elliot. I can only hope that this machine will bring as much joy into my life as that stuffed toy has to my son.

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My Millennium arrived last Friday and I'm already loving her. Wish I had more things to quilt. I have done a long muslin sandwhich, panto practise, some freehand practise, feathers and beginning McTavishing. Yesterday I did a baby quilt freehand and am going to do another today. My machine is named Hope, as in I hope that I can do this!

Judy in NH

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When I was a little girl I had the job of threading 8 - 10 quilting needles for my great grandmother before I went home for the night. She had her quilting frames upstairs in the attic and could no longer see to thread the needles. I spent many happy hours up there with her around those frames.

So my machine is named "Lizzie" in honour of the most loved great grandma in the world who created in me this great passion for quilting!

Just this morning I added "longarm" to the title after reading about Lottie Longarm! It just fits............Lizzie Longarm........I can just feel her "long arms" reaching out.

tammy in AZ

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My customers call me the Quilting Fairy, so another customer neamed my new A--1 to match with my nickname. So my longarm is Tinkerbell 2. The "2" is because I had major problems with the first one they brought me so they gave me a another one. Just so you know I didn't wear one out and got another one. I had "Ol' Greeny" my Nolting for 15 years and decided to try a diffferent brand. Loving every stitch of her.

We put magic in every quilt we do. With a touch of fairy dust.;)

Quilting Fairy & Tinkerbell2

Northside Quilt Shoppe

Midwest Quilting



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When I got my first Millennium way back in 2000, I named her Millie. (How original!) After using her for one hour, I gave her not only a name change, but a sex change. :o

SHE went from Millie to a HE, "Adonis" the Greek God! I was in LOVE. I've had several Millenniums since, and all of them have been Adonis. It just fits. ;) Now that he's been "enhanced" with the CompuQuilter, I guess I should give him a middle name. Any suggestions??

I don't have a name for my Liberty. It just seems like Adonis' little sister. Did Adonis have a sister? Guess I should look into that so she has a proper name, other than Little Lady Liberty.

My sister named her first OLD Ultimate 1 "Effie". She had to explain to me where she got the name. F E stands for Free Enterpise. That's cool!

I sold a Millennium to a gal in California and it arrived right around Feb. 14th. It was named "Valentino". ;)

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Hi everyone! I'm a new LA'er and I have a millie. She's great, but the operator is a little off............sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get half as good as all of you....sigh. My mother named her Aurora because she said I was "a roaring" to go. The name stuck. I wasn't in one of my creative moods. Mom came up with a few others that were awful! So Aurora she is!

I have since called her by a few other names I can't mention here. However, the problem wasn't Aurora, it was me! I've calmed down a little since then :D.

Merry Jo

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