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I think it was the power of suggestion. You all caused this!


I was straightening my studio before I started practicing some quilting. I had a set of those plastic drawers on wheels that one set of wheels fell off of, so,  I am thinking that guy can hang from a steel beam by a hard hat, that I should be able to glue that wheel back on and it would work. I opened the tube of super glue, and filled the little shaft with glue, then tipped the tube up, and it just kept coming out, and coming and coming. So I wiped the glue on the wrapper, and got the lid back on fast. I held the wheel there for a few seconds, then put it aside, and started picking things up. I picked up the packaging and stuck my thumb in the glue, yikes. Then I picked up a Kleenex and tried to clean it off. Then I was stuck to the Kleenex. So I ripped it off, and picked as much loose Kleenex off as I could. Then I tried rubbing it off, and it would not come off. So I thought the wheel was set and set the drawers back on the wheels, and the one wheel feel right off. GRRRRR.....So that was a couple of hours ago. I have a bandaid on one thumb, and super glue/Kleenex on my other thumb. It feels like my thumbs are numb. So weird. If soap and water doesn't take it off, I will try sand paper. I may not have a thumb print any more, but there are worse things in life, right? :blink: 

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I feel your pain Mary Beth.  In 1976 when my youngest son was just learning to walk I was sitting on the couch in front of the coffee table trying to use super glue to glue a handle back onto a little teacup.  He toddled towards me and lunged at my leg and I tried to grab him and squeezed the tube of super glue spraying it ever where.  When the dust settled...he had both hands glued to my thigh...I had one hand glued to him and the tube of glue and the other hand glued to the teacup handle and nothing was coming loose.  I panicked.  I was able to move to the telephone (all of this while glued together and we had no cordless phones then) and called poison control.  They told me to use finger nail polish remover with acetone.  Getting to the bathroom was a feat unto the remover...sat on the floor with cotton balls and broke us loose.  I've been afraid of super glue ever

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