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tute for making machine cover


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hi friends...

am i the only one who hasn't done this yet? i probably am.

for 12 years, i have been saying i want to find the time to make pj's for my berninas.

for 2+ years, i have been saying i want to find the time to make them for lola-baby.

bernie, nina AND lola-baby are still sleeping naked. :mad:

this morning, while i was swimming thru the abyss that is my google reader, i came upon this great little tute for making said covers. AND she even gives the formula for making it for ANY size machine.

i'm sharing the tute in the hopes of adding some peer pressure that will spur me into action. i mean, how nice would it be to come down the stairs and see both my girls all snug in some colorful jammies?

so, here's the link!

have a great day everybody!!!


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I am right there with you...the practice piece "blanket" Eliza Jane wears is functional but not very "cute"...she never complains, but she deserves so much better. (Nina (my bernina) has a canvas cover that she came with so she has been snug as a rug for 20 years -- I think I hear her snicker every time Eliza gets the blanket treatment ---she is still a bit jealous you know).

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My Millie will be complaining to the LA union soon , because it seems like all your machines have top notch covers made from the best fabric money can buy. Millie has to put up with a giant plastic bag that came off a roll of batting! But at least it keeps her dust free!

I've got flat roof on my sewing room and I always think about preventing water getting onto my millie should the roof leak- plastic seemed to be the answer! Sometimes I put a small quilt on top of the plastic just to make her look prettier!

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