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Circle Lord 'Cog'


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Georgene, this is a solid round template with 4 'cog' rows. I alternated plain/cog rows on this quilt. It is not yet up on the CL site because Michael wanted to see someone try it out first to see if there would be interest. I think it is a great template. I'm sure he will announce something soon...

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There you go Caroline.

I had him make me that quite a while ago, after I had a quilt I really could of used it on.

Since then, I had one, but it really wasn't sized right for me to use.

THIS ....(yours) however, is PERFECT!

I dont do customer quilts too much anymore..,mainly friends/family, so I havent had one yet to quilt it on. Wishing I did, but not.

I KNEW this design would be popular, and have an AWSOME affect ...and I was right. IT DOES!!

Soooo glad you had a customer's quilt that it could be used on a.s.a.p!!

I really think now that it's seen, it will be a popular template!

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