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Indian Motorcycle T-shirt Quilt finished.

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Just finished creating an Indian Motorcycle T-shirt quilt for my husband.  It was a long process of designing, switching out t-shirts, paper-piecing feathered stars, and finally quilting it.  But am happy with the finished product.   The cream/black star is on the back of this quilt.  Thanks for looking!




P.S.  Hope this works...haven't posted in a long, long time and everything has changed!


Update...added my husband's more professionally done photo of the front!





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Thanks for the nice comments gals.  T-shirts quilts are not the most exciting things to make.  I much prefer making traditional quilts, but sometimes you have special requests! 


I did the flame panto to liven things up a bit rather than the usual meander for a t-shirt quilt.  I wanted to use Bottomline top and bottom so I would have the texture but not the color so much, but I started out breaking thread at the flame tips so I gave up on that and just got the thing done.  I have used Bottomline before with no problem but was just doing SID.


My husband is so thrilled with it.  He spent this last weekend getting some really nice pictures of the quilt, even one where he parked his Indian Chieftain in front of the quilt.  I would have posted one of those but I couldn't get his format to behave when trying to post here.  I'll see if he can help me get one of his pictures loaded later. 


The quilt will go on his toy hauler camper bed along with four coordinating pillow cases.  He's all set!


Now I can get on with making traditional quilts again, oh, but first I have customer quilts to get done, shoot.


Thanks again,


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You truly combined a T-shirt quilt with a traditional quilt in my opinion.  The geese and all the diamonds look outstanding.  You should be proud, and he should be oh so grateful.  He cannot complain about what your sewing machine or quilting machine cost now with that quilt.  Great job.



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