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    dianne31331 reacted to harcathy in Baby Quilt   
    Baby quilt I made for a friend. Nursery is done in these colours and theme is sheep

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    dianne31331 reacted to ffq-lar in Lesson Learnt   
    Legally, you can send a registered letter to the customer stating that unless payment is made within xx amount of time (60 days where I live but I think 90 days elsewhere) the quilt becomes your property to sell to recoup the quilting fees. You'll be surprised how quickly they can find the cash!
    If they still can't pay, you have to hope that the quilt will sell. Or donate it to whatever charity you like. Get a valuation from the charity for tax purposes.
    I wouldn't be a bit concerned about losing a customer--she lost you as a quilter through her own actions.
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    Have you used the Red Snappers and do you like them or is another product that works better?
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    Yayyyyy! It worked! I can post pictures!!!
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    Your quilt is beautiful. I would be interested in getting this pattern. Where could I get it?
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    Hi - I'm not sure if this thread is active, but is there a pattern I can purchase for this quilt?  It is so beautiful.  Thank you.
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    Here's the last quilt of the year off the frame. It had lots of fullness issues so I had to heavily quilt it. I also got to use my quiltazoid to make the stars. I also meant to put a star in the middle but I forgot. There's so much fabric under there though that its probably best that I didn't try.

    Mariners compass by butterflyjess03, on Flickr

    image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr

    image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr

    image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr
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    dianne31331 reacted to Kerstin K in Can't get chalk out   
    Hi. Had same issue with Cover Chaco Liner.  Do not use any heat or vinigar solutions as this sets the colour pigment.  I was able to remove the stain  with  “Folex” a carpet spot remover.   Just spray on, agitate lightly by rubbing finger nail over area and plot dry  with paper towel.   I suggest to test this on a same piece of scrap fabric with batting first.   It worked for me as i had the pink lines left on the white fabric patch.

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    dianne31331 reacted to DebLou in Can't get chalk out   
    Okay all, I'll let you know how my quilt came out. You just won't believe this. I took Shana's suggestion and used baking soda and water to get the yellow chalk out. I did this on the table not in the machine. The chalk came right out!! DH & I were smiling and doing a happy dance. I forgot all about also making some dashes with the purple air-solluble pen too!! AND THEN, AND THEN, as the quilt was drying, alas, what should appear out of nowhere but purple dashes everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! Now, how to get rid of these? I used Oxi-clean with a Q-tip on each dash. This was a full afternoon work getting rid of these. But it did work! When I ironed it there were still a some places that flashed purple but faded as they cooled.
    I emailed the Clover company that made this chalk. They apologized for my inconvenience and said to use 5 parts water and 2 parts vinegar to get the chalk out and let AIR DRY. Do not put in dryer.
    Bottom line, my customer picked up the quilt tonight and just loved it!! I didn't tell him about my issues but told him if he had any problems with anything to just let me know.
    Now, back to my happy dance.
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    dianne31331 reacted to KarenLummus in Can't get chalk out   
    Have you heard of Fels Naptha soap? I have found it will remove stains nothing else will. I have had a bar of it for 15 years and it has saved me on several occasions. I don\'t even know if you can find it any more, but I got mine at Sav-On drug store. I would look in a place like that. Apparently the soap has been around at least 100 years.
    Spiderlegs Quilting
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    dianne31331 reacted to quiltmonkey in Ruler work   
    Custom work using rulers - this is a highly specialized skill that take months, if not years to perfect. If it were me, I would charge by the hour, not by square inch. Don't underestimate your time and skills. I rarely do ruler quilting for customers because it's so expensive. I find other ways to quilt, or I choose to use minimal amount of rulers and then freehand the rest (combination) Find the going rate for custom heirloom quilting in your area, or ask other quilters in your area what they charge for ruler work. If I were doing ruler work, I would charge at least $35 per hour. For estimates, you could guess that it takes 40 hours and give them a quote. I'm not giving my time away for minimum wage. No way!  I've had many customers ask me to SID their quilt. I kindly explain the costs and time involved and I offer other solutions for them. 
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    dianne31331 reacted to Lauralorene in Ruler work   
    The above suggestions are the best I’ve seen so far. I too have struggled with pricing. By the inch at .015-.02 should be only for the most simple edge to edge pattern PLUS a fee for loading, squaring up, winding bobbins and machine set-up. If all that is done right you get great results but not if you rush it. So my thought after 25+ years is anything other than edge to edge simple stippling (or similar) should be at least triple that amount. I think if you run the figures it makes sense. Our work is skilled, artistic and valuable.
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    dianne31331 reacted to PamelaG in Ruler work   
    I agree, people DO think that is easy. I got a last minute quilt last year, for a parent's 50th wedding anniversary. All blocks with photos or drawings. She wanted a "quick" "simple" stitch in the ditch.  She was shocked when I explained that this was a custom job and how difficult so called simple stitching is. Super king size and she'd budgeted only $100. LOL Wanted me to bind it too. When I gave her the cost, she almost fainted. Finally took it on after she talked to the rest of the family and they helped with the cost, but she decided to bind it herself too. She still had to pay over $600. I got that one done and out! in three days. All ruler and hand guided. 
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    dianne31331 reacted to LindaSueE in Pull down design wall   
    We purchased a school projection screen off of the surplus site to try to create a design wall.  My plan is to use fusible fleece to attach to the screen. The fleece is thin; has some stickability to it and hopefully will roll up.  We are looking at a $20-25  cost (screen was $5) and will let you know.  
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    dianne31331 reacted to sewingpup in roller brake   
    Yep as Sharon says.  You need to release it to advance or roll the quilt.  I did some adjusting of mine at first without loosening the brake....yikes....what a mess.....the Velcro did move out of place leaving a goopy mess.....I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol I believe...it took a while....then ended up applying a new valcro strip.....good news though....I haven't had to replace it for several years.....I have had to take my Allen wrench and tighten the handle a few times though.....I bought one of those multi sized allen wrenchs that had the same size in it.....I like it better because you have a bigger handle to use when tightening.....
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    dianne31331 reacted to Sharon Deming in roller brake   
    The purpose of the brake is to keep the roller from moving, so be sure to release the brake before you advance or "rewind" your quilt.  You should have received an angled "Allen" wrench with your APQS machine. You may find that over time, the brake handle doesn't hold the rollers as firmly as it once did. The angled wrench is used to set the handle in a position that will enable it to hold firmly. If you purchased a used machine, you may or may not have the instructions for this, but you can find info with a quick forum or google search.
    And you are correct, there are NO stupid questions. We ALL had to learn about the brake!
    Be blessed as you fall in love with longarm quilting!
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    dianne31331 reacted to Kat quilts in Pantograph   
    I agree with Sharon. I found the APQS video by Dawn Cavenaugh on YouTube to be the most helpful. I must have watched tit ten times before I attempted my first pantograph. Then when I did start one I had a brain cramp at the end of the first row and had to go back and rewatch that part of the video (with lots of pauses) before I moved on. I’ve done three pantograph now and I’m hooked! I love them. Stick with it Dee Dee and don’t give up. I made a busy scrap quilt so hide boo boos the first time. It turned out good. This is a quilt I just made for a wedding gift. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 

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    dianne31331 reacted to Laura Farnham in Straight Line and Rolling Feathers,......   
    I did point out mistake to customer and we both decided it needed to be fixed. 
    so,... spent an afternoon picking out stitches,  and 10 minutes to restitch the Feather,...
    I was happy to do it as it was my mistake,.... 
    I always point out mistakes if any,.. big or small
    and let the customer decide,.... 
    this one I knew she would want fixed,.... 
    She is very pleased with the end result!!! 
    and so am I!!! 
    Thanks for looking ,.... 
    Happy Quilting,...
    Love the combination of the two,...  Simple,.. with a pop!!! 
    I used a double Cotton Batting on this one,..  wanted the feathers to stand up
    and take center stage,... Matching Glide Threads in the Grey, Burgundy and White Areas,...
    Thanks for looking,...
    ** can you see the mistake?  Found it after I pulled it off the frame,....  :0)

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    dianne31331 reacted to tootsquilts in Help with Irish Star and How to Quilt   
    Hi fellow quilters.  I am needing help with this Irish Star.  I made this one, so there is not a problem with how I do this.  I made three of these and two of them I used a panto on.  I am wanting to custom this one.  I have attached a picture of one with the Panto on it, and also pictures of the one I am wanting to custom.  I have drawn a complete blank on what to do.  As you can see, there are three different blocks in this quilt, so it should not be so confusing, but is.  Thanks for any help you can give.

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    dianne31331 reacted to JudyLynn in prices for piecing a quilt????   
    So Joann, do you quilt for others plus piece tops? Just curious..went to you web site and checked it out. I would say your prices are very reasonable. I have a full time job and do quilting as an hobby and make a few dollars to buy more fabric, but more out of a passion for quilting. Plus it is so-o-o-o much fun to get others hooked on quilting. I teach an adult ed quilting class so it is fun to watch them get excited about quilting. I do have a George and quilt a bit for others, but do not want to advertise the quilting part. I have 13 or so of my own that are all spray basted and ready to quilt and can't seem to find the time to do them.
    Had one lady ask if I wanted to quilt hers because she did not want to pay what the LQS charged--do you think that made me a bit mad? I told her I charge the same. Old bitty has enough money she could afford to pay full price anyway. Heck if I want to do it for nothing, I'll do my own.
    Any way, it is so nice to run into someone who feels the same why I do. Thanks a bunch!!!!
    Have a good day.
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    dianne31331 reacted to mrsbishwit in prices for piecing a quilt????   
    I agree with you..I got into this business because I like doing what I am doing...to make $ for what I like to do is the cherry on top!
    I would never want to be taken advantage of by someone just because I couldn't do it myself. To over price ones time or skill is just plain greed. Unless the quilt is 100 years old and in mint condition, or an award blue ribbon quilt, quilted completerly in heirloom fashion or using 14K gold thread I could never bring myself to pay or charge more than $1,000 for any quilt. Sorry if this offends anyone but it's my opinion and I feel that there are alot of people out there (in all areas of labor not just quilting) that over charge just because ego or greed. What every happened to an honest days work for an honest days wage?
    Is it not greed that got us in this world ecconomic mess we are all in now? Over pricing/ inflating prices just for the pure greed of making more $$ and all the while the quality of the product was less and less. Think about it, how would you feel if you were on the other side being the one asked to pay the price for the individuals greed.
    Sorry for the soapbox...it's a sore subject with me these days with the state of the ecconomy.
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    dianne31331 reacted to Robbinsbobbins in Dog gone cute   
    For my 4th grandchild due in 11 days. Done in the nick of time!

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    dianne31331 reacted to anniemueller in Pink Halloween Quilt   
    Look what I got to quilt!  It's a pink themed Halloween quilt, to display at our local hospital during the month of October.  Pink because it's breast cancer awareness month.  The Jackson Hole Quilt Guild rotates a quilt display every month at our local hospital.  The nurses and patients really appreciate it.  We've had a hard time in years past trying to find a pink quilt for the October display.  So we had the bright idea to make a quilt just for that.  Different people made the applique blocks, others sewed them together with sashing and border.  I quilted it, and just handed it off to another member to attach the binding.  A terrific collaboration.
    Last May I took a few classes from Judi Madsen in Salt Lake City.  I just LOVE her work.  So, you will see that she inspired this quilting.  
    The bat bra block is the one that really got me started with the quilt designs.  The lady who made it drew a spider in a web on the cleavage, so clever and so easy to quilt that design!  
    Judi had just posted an applique quilt that she'd finished that had bugs in it.  She gave the bugs motion by quilting a swirly design under them.  I thought the ghosts need that swirly design too.  Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?!
    I used a wool batting, glide thread with magna glide bobbins.  Love those magna glide bobbins!  Angela Huffman is a great source for them and her delivery is super fast.
    Thanks for looking!

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    dianne31331 reacted to InesR in Outstretched   
    Struggled getting photos to load

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    dianne31331 reacted to LibbyG in HONOR ABIDES HERE   
    The Bedford Historical Society asked our guild to make them a raffle quilt for 2017.  I've always wanted to make this quilt since I saw it in McCalls Quilting Magazine a number of years ago.  I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I added an extra row to the top and side of the pattern so it would be queen size.  It won 2 First Place Awards, a Second Place and best longarm machine quilting in 3 different area quilt shows.
    Only one judge said she saw shadowing.  I did try to press seams open, but it was easier to sew nine patches ironing to one side.  How do you try to prevent shadowing?  
    Honor Abides Here (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Cumberland MD quilt show 097 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Honor Abides Here (5) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Honor Abides Here (3) by Libby G, on Flickr