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Naked Spines


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New Naked Spines

Naked spines are just that, spines with no feathers or ferns. Even though I love my computerized system I still love the look of freehand feathers and ferns. I hate marking quilts and I love perfect spines so I made these for myself........but I thought I could share. Just plop them in and sew. There are twenty designs which include two corners and eighteen spines. The spines are continous repeatable designs. I especially like the two pearl wavy spines and the piano key wave. The cost for the set of 20 designs in all formats is $30.00, only a $1.50 each.

You will use them over and over again on quilts. Even if you just want to practice your freehand feathers, they make life much easier.


I will be in Houston in the APQS, come by and say HI.


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Originally posted by Joyce

They are great spines and what you have done with them. How about something similiar for us non computer people. Pantos, pdf what ever. We would love to have some patterns also. Thanks Joyce

They are great, I would like to see something like this put onto the pattern boards, especially as I am Panto challenged :D:D

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