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Star & Points Spinning on a Square

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I'm pretty much a beginner as far as quilt making is concerned, having first put together a quilt in 2011.  I purchased a Millie in March of 2013 and really enjoy the whole process of designing, making and finishing it the way I want it.  


Here's a quilt I did a few months ago that I really enjoyed doing.  I used it as a 52" x 52" test sew for the quilt of valor I recently completed.  I had some left over prairie points from another project that I liked so I put them in the center.  I have taken a Craftsy class on feather quilting, taught by Angela Walters and wanted to try it out on something.


The quilt of valor went out to its new owner earlier this month.  The quilt of valor had to be made bigger, more the size the Valor Foundation suggests, but I like how both turned out.  The finished valor quilt was 60" x 84".  



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