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I just have to say that the good Lord must really want Gary to have this quilt.

About a month ago, I posted a prayer request for my friend Gary. He'd been riding his bike and crashed at about 30 mph. Has a head injury, but is doing remarkably well for that situation. He's current in a rehab facility, and hoping to discharge to home on the 21st.

Last week I had taken his quilt to work with me to finish the binding during breaks. I had ridden my bike, and when I got home, the quilt was no longer in my bike bag! I made a mad dash back to work following the same path to see if the quilt was in the road somewhere. It wasn't. There must be someone else out there who needs this quilt more than Gary, and I get to make another quilt one for him since I've lost this one. Oh well, sad, but life goes on. I was home for about 30 min. when I received an e-mail from a man about 1 mile from me. He says that he found a quilt with my name on it, and wonders if it's mine? "It's a little dirty, but otherwise in good shape." I'm thinking a little dirty means that it landed in a huge pile of dust, but no! It looks like it was on the ground for about 2 seconds flat. Bill kindly picked it up, and then contacted me. The quilt is now completed, washed and ready to send on to Gary.

The pattern is by my friend Wendy, and is from the 3 hour quilt challenge that she organized. You were to make a quilt top out of not more than 5 fabrics, approx. 60" square, and you had to be able to complete the top in 3 hours or less. I raided my stash looking for something a little more manly than my usual florals. I quilted it using my favorite King Tut, and a board from R & S called "Fold". Not a showstopper by any means, but something to brighten up Gary's room.

I'm thinking I'll bake some cookies and take them down to Bill as a thank you for his kindness.

Moral of the story? ALWAYS put your name on your quilts! I make an embroidered label and stitch that to the back before I quilt it so that the label is quilted in, and is never going to come off.

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Guest Linda S

Great news all around! Glad your friend is recovering and that there was a good samaritan waiting to find your quilt and return it. What a nice thing to read first thing this morning!

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