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Linda G. Craig

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Ha-ha, Sylvia, my sewing room usually looks like #$%^&*(, so I took these pictures before that could happen. LOL!

Thanks everyone. I've been moving things all afternoon and trying to find a new spot, my studio is filling up!!! I'm having so much fun!!

Sharon M., those are a few quilt tops of mine that are waiting for Millie. I bought the quilt rack from Defresne Furniture. I'm not sure if you have that store in Saskatchewan. My daughter and I spotted it there and just HAD to buy it! LOL!

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Hi Linda,

wow, with all those trips up and down the stairs you will be getting plenty of exercise! Hope you're all organized soon and can get busy quilting those beautiful tops! I'd love to see a pic of that dresden plate on Millie!

Thanks for the info on the quilt rack. I love the dark wood. Nope, we don't have a Dufresne's in SK, but I'm only 2 hrs from Brandon :) There is one there!

Happy Quilting!!

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Oh Linda, I am just in awe! I love your space. I have such a small space I had to have APQS cut an 11 foot frame to fit in my room (and give me space to squeeze around one end to the back).

You are really so lucky to have that much room and have it fixed so nicely. I am very happy for you. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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