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Tina's college quilt

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My daughter will be leaving soon for college, and I made this quilt for her (she wanted it bright and pink). I used the wool batting (love that stuff) and the new CL templates I bought from Marie. The pattern is from the cover of last month issue of "Quilter Magazine" except I added a small border. Cute and easy pattern to use with batik fat quarters. The label reads

"Christina Maile Fear"

Starting a new Chapter,

Off the College,

Love ya, Mom :)

August 2011.

I'll miss her but now I got a spare room for all of you to come visit me.LOL!


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Originally posted by JustSewSimple

I love that quilt - so fun and such wonderful texture!!!! where will she be going to college?

Tina got accepted at University of Hawaii, Manoa campus on Oahu. I didn't want my kids to be too far away from home, just another island, LOL! I'll have 2 kids at University of Hawaii this year. My son goes there too. I will have to do alot of quilting to pay for 2 in college.

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What a lovely quilt....I know what it's like to have your children leave home so wouldn't want that room to go to waste.... I'll come over and keep you company...looking at flights while I type.....nice thought eh...we could have a quilt in and I bet it's warm over there...bit chilly here in Scotland at the moment!

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