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My Thread Wall

Busy Quilting

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Dory asked for a picture of my thread wall. Thought all of you might like to see.

I organise my threads by colour - that how you I use them!

So I have Bottomline, So Fine, Omni, Hemingworth , Glide, Invisfil, all mixed in together.

My variegated threads are towards the top with the back up threads.

I put my spare bobbins inside the cone of bottomline, ready for the next use. I use the cello thread covers from Superior to cover all the cones.

My spools of threads are stored in airtight containers (50 to a container) and I have 6 of those.

Every DMC embroidery threads are in thread folders in another larger box.

I am a threadoholic and I know it!


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The upside down cones are all my bottomline threads with partially wound bobbins sitting inside them.

Some of the bottoms of the cones sit up on top of the others, when side by side as my FIL spaced the pegs at 2 3/4" apart.

One of these days I might add up how much "shipping" is on these pegs. Cheaper to buy multiple cones than singles, and almost half price to get direct from the US than buy locally.

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Vicki, I've way more thread that fabric. When I began longarming, I hit Superior Thread's website and the MQS vendors pretty hard! :D

Lyn, when I was organizing my threads, my husband was in the room with me. He made the comment "You must have at least a hundred dollars worth!" I looked him straight in the eye and said "OK, we can start from there!" Oh, so little do they know!! :P

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Love that wall Lyn.. I think my thread count is about as large as yours.

That includes threads for piecing, and general sewing, some embroidery, long arming.. and prewound bobbins are in a long storage box.

If my camera would work I'd take a pict.

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