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Thank you everyone.. yes, it feels SO good and mentally, I'm settling down.

Yes it is a BIG scare. Thank our good Lord I only had to wait about 5 days for the mamo which showed nothing. They just can't figure out the first xray and the odditiy that showed up there...

Anyway, I'm so thankful for the prayers and that I didn't have to wait any longer.

Yes, Our Lord is the Great Physican, and comforter..


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Guest Linda S

Rita - I'm so glad you've gotten relief from that horrible tension. I have twice received a letter in the mail telling me I have a suspicious lump. They always arrived in Friday's mail while I was working, so by the time I got home and retrieved the letter from my mailbox, the doctor's office was closed. The stress of not knowing can be terrible. Keep up the self-exams and the yearly checks. Best to be safe!

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