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Won a Ribbon for Twisted Log Cabin Quilting Job!


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I won a third place ribbon in the Small Pieced Two-Person Category at the Minnesota Quilt Show! :cool: This twisted log cabin quilt was designed and pieced by my customer in memory of Joan Skalbeck, with Joan's Primrose Gradations fabrics. It was challenging to find threads that would show against the sage fabric; I used the 30wt. New Brytes for some of it, but found it was thicker than I wanted for dense fill, so I switched to Floriani which has a wonderful twisted sheen. The double batt of Hobbs 80/20 and Wool, gave definition to the stitches.

-Full photo won't load, I'll do closeups first, then try full...-


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I love your comment, "...the thread didn't show..." Usually, I'm trying to find thread that won't show! :P Your quilting on this is just phenomenal; you made it such a masterpiece. You were robbed; you deserved first place!! Its beautiful.

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Wow and WOW!!! Congratulations on a great design and quilting!!! :cool::)

How did you do the puzzle piece background filler -- is it ribbons that are turned 90 degrees on each other?

Thanks, and congratulations again.

Joanne Flamand

Artistic Quilt Design


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