12 Days of Christmas -applique

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I just finished this quilt.  She didn't want any quilting in the applique and McT around it.  I used Dream select and Dream Wool, So Fine on top and BL in the bottom. 


12 Days of Christmas by LibbyG7, on Flickr



12 days drum by LibbyG7, on Flickr


12 days geese by LibbyG7, on Flickr


12 birds by LibbyG7, on Flickr


12 Days back by LibbyG7, on Flickr


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That's a design I learned from DeLoa Jones.  It's in her border patrol book.  She does it with two or three feathers, sometimes she adds a curl.  It depends on the size of the sashing for what I use.  I don't do it DeLoa's way, though.  Linda Rech showed how you do the curly spines first, then put the feathers in as you go back along the spine.  So I use a circle to mark the spine, start at the right hand side and sew the spine to the left, when I get there I start making the feathers going back to the right.  You could actually do it the reverse way.  When you do it DeLoa's way she traces back over the spine and I don't like that look because it's very hard to hit it. 

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Libby that is beautiful!  I am sure your customer will be very pleased!  I used that same exact sashing pattern in the floral quilt I jus is a quick and easy way to put something in those sashes!


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The customer wanted the double batting because she knew it would really puff nicely.  Even if I had stitched it, it still would look nice and puffy, she just didn't want any quilting on it.  When I did the other applique wall hanging that I also posted, that customer didn't care.  You can really tell the difference.

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I almost passed this by, thinking it was one of the embroidered Christmas quilts.. so very glad I didn't..  Would have been sad to miss this eye candy.


It's beautiful and excellent quilting, too. 


God Bless,



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