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MQS jacket entry done!

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Thanks for all the comments. I am a little paranoid because they changed from 2 categories to 1 this year. The rules state that it must be an item that can be worn in public and embellishments must coordinate. I hope my zippers coordinate!

MQS does disqualify things quite a bit too. I was disqualified a couple of years ago for too much embellishing on a jacket. I knew that I should have contacted the show on how much I could embellish so It was my own fault. But I did win 1st place n the bread and butter category! I was stunned!

Last year a national teacher was disqualified for a whole cloth quilt that she colored. She used a different fabric for her binding and the rules did state that the binding had to be the same fabric as the top. It is still disappointing when it happens.

I just hold my breath during the awards ceremony!

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