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Arkansas Crossroads, possibly

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Went to a retreat January of 2016, project was this quilt.  I really liked it, plan on making a couple more.  Got my Lennie in May of 2016, wanted a little better skill set before I quilted this one.  Pretty happy how it turned out.  Border could have been a little cleaner, but  happy with my ruler work.  Just need to bind it, throw it in the washer and dryer.  Keeper ")





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JUST LOVE THIS!  These are my colors.  For only having your machine for a year doing all that ruler work is wonderful.  I remember when I first started quilting, I would question myself all the time.  However, once the quilt was off the frame, the overall look was always fine.  You'll learn to not worry as much as you get more experience.  Plus, you're already way ahead of me, when I was at this stage.  Never would have thought to mix the different background fillers in the outer white part.  Now, you've taught me something. I also would love to see a closeup of the border.  It looks fine to me.  I usually ignore the blocks and just do an overall design, so it's nice to see a different technique.  Can't wait to see what you do next.

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