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Many wonderful congratulations! Creativity plus, I know you will enjoy the quality and fun you are about to receive.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Milennenium Owner since Oct. 08, She's Mai Linn. Pun completely intended.

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Hi Tinie,

that's wonderful! Congratulations and welcome! You will have a lot of fun with your machine and here at the forum.

I'm always happy to hear there is another LA in Europe. Where do you live in the Netherlands? I live in Germany not so far away from the Netherlands, only about 45 minutes to Enschede where I sometimes go for shopping and concerts ...



Millenium owner
"Wer einen Traum verwirklichen will, muss zuerst aufwachen"

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Welcome here!:D

I have had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon watching you "playing" with the machine!

I know for sure - you will have a great time in the future!;):D

I´m pretty sure that you are aalready counting the days till the delivery!;)


Best wishes from over the ocean...

Quilt &Co.
tel.:0049 2151 773851




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Another welcome to you Tinie, from a fellow quilter in Australia. What a far-flung family we are! I, too, am waiting for delivery of my millenium so I understand how you feel. I can't wait to get started...

In anticipation,



Heritage Country Quilting

Western Australia

2009 APQS Millenium, hand guided.

'Waltzing Matilda" or Milly Tilly!

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Hi Tinie,

Welcome to the forum and Ditto on all that everyone has already said. We can't wait till you get your machine and are able to post some pics - we love pics!




Proud Millie Owner!

Sew Many Quilts - Sew Little Time

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Welcome Tinie, and congratulations! Are you already preparing a space to park her? We have several friends in your area now, Yaaaaaaayyy!!!


"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

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Thank you all for your warm welcome.

The planning is to use the garage. Before we can use it some changes are neccesary. We are lucky to have a big garage. When our house was build 16 years ago we had the oportunity to expand the garage with a minimum of extra costs from the standard size. It is wider and longer as it was on the standard planning. We have to split it in to parts to keep some space for the bikes and storage.

The outside wall and floor have to be isolated and the electric garage door has to be replaced by a door and window and some extra windows on the outside. The ceiling is oke as we had already build an extra room above the garage a few years ago.

Special for the changes on the frontside as it will be visible from the roadside we need permission and also for the change of destination.

But this is all still in the planning phase and will not be finished before the equipment arrives.

So we will build it up in the living room. We have an open area there and maybe we need to move the furniture a bit more to the tv.

I can then practice on the machine. First on IKEA fabric and then on a few quilts I will make for "Jopie's Dromenquilts" (Jopie's Dreamquilts) a charity which donates quilts to children with chronical or livethreatening illnesses and also for children with traumatical experiences.

Then I start on my own tops and the quilts for Jopie's we make with a group in the LQS in Groningen.

When this is all oke I can start quilting for customers. I want also to start an embroidery service and do machine embroidery for gifts (e.g towels with names) and quiltlabels.

I also have to create a website.



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Welcome Tinie

Congratulations on your new machine, happy to have you aboard the forum, good luck with getting your machine delivered quickly and setup to start having a great time. The waiting is probably the worst part. Use the time to get ready and hve lots of tipes ready to go.

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