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NQR Twins are here - prayers please- update new picture pg 2

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Well the twins decided they didn't want to wait until the 18th to come in the world and my daughter delivered them on July 13th.  I have to say I'm over the moon and so in love with these two.  Meet Landon Patrick, 6 lbs 13 oz and Scarlett Arwen 6 lbs 8 oz!  I can't believe my daughter carried over 13 lbs of baby!  She is doing very well and is already such an amazing mother.  I'm in complete awe of how well she has adjusted with all they have to deal with.  


Twins are a lot but having a sick twin makes it even harder.  Our Landon has a very serious heart defect (not public on FB) but he is holding his own at this point.  He is still in the NICU.  He was expected to have low oxygen saturation but has surpassed all expectations and is at 99 - 100% almost all the time.  They originally thought he would have open heart surgery within 2 - 5 days but he hasn't gone into any cardiac crisis.  The dr's are on the fence as to what procedure to do on him so they are taking the wait and see approach.  They are waiting for the PDA, a hole in the heart that all have, to close.  This usually closes within the first day or two.  The original plan was to give him meds so it didn't close but he is doing better than expected and they want to see if his aorta can take the extra pressure.  He has a hole in his aorta, two valves are not formed correctly, the septum between the 4 chambers didn't form so he has 2 big chambers and he has a small left side of his heart.  He is surpassing all expectations on function at this point.  If you look at him you would never know he had such major problems.  He is completely pink and perfect in every way.  They took out his feeding tube and all other iv's and tubes.  He has not needed any oxygen since birth and he is an eating machine!  They will repeat his echo again tomorrow to see what has changed.  They may send him home until he starts to show signs of cardiac crisis.  


Please keep our little guy, and girl in your prayers.  We are making sure somebody is with Landon around the clock because it is important to my daughter that he not be alone.  I know that will help her heal.  She had a c-section and went through a lot.  She has had high BP since delivery so of course we need to keep her relaxing and resting.  She will be ok if she knows somebody he knows is with him.  Like she said if we have to divide and Concur we will!  Keep them all in your prayers, it is a lot to go through.  



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Thank you everybody!  We are deeply in love with these two.  I'm back at the hospital tonight so my daughter can have more time with her little family together.  I think it was all catching up for her.  She has been so amazingly strong!  I will sit here and wait however long she needs me to!  Landon is doing amazingly well and it is hard to look at him and know something is horribly wrong.  Just please keep them all in your prayers!  I believe in the power of prayer and I really believe that Landon is doing so well because he is on so many prayer chains!  Keep up the good work!

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